people who only use one slice of cheese when making grilled cheese are not to be trusted

Anonymous: Hi so, my boyfriend wants to try pegging and i was wondering if anywhere in ur store u have a strap on the like stimulates the one wearing it too? Or it a double ended dildo would work? 

these strapless strap ons are supposed to be really awesome.

Anonymous: why does he have the XXX tattoo on his leg? did he used to be straight edge? 


Anonymous: Would you ever try pegging? Yes/no, why/why not.. 

we already do that

Anonymous: I don't mean this is a rude way, I'm genuinely curious that's all. Do you ever feel that posting videos of you and your partner takes away the intimacy of those moments? Personally I know it would for me. But I was just wondering if you felt the same. 

nope. sex work doesn’t affect our sex life at all.